Chasing Success

Success is a word that all of us use to define how we live our lives. Day in and day out we do what we feel we have to do in order to be here we need to be in life. In order to be happy and content with our lives.

In my life, my definition of success was pushed on me by family, friends, and society.

Since I was a child I knew that college was not an option, I had to go to prove to my family and society I was worth it. Since elementary school I spent all of my time perfecting my school work. I graduated high school with high honors and am currently going to college with help of scholarships. I am the first in my family to go to college and therefore have to prove that not only can I do it, but that I can do it better than everyone else.

I came into college with a year worth of credits so I could graduate early. Because of this, I am missing out on the great opportunity of taking a semester to study abroad.

It is my dream to travel across the world, learning and experiencing new cultures. It would be utterly breathtaking to visit Africa, where I wish I could study abroad.

It sucks having a path of success already defined for you by family and society. I don’t want to disappoint my loved ones but I also don’t want to live with regret.



Life is rough



About lindseypalardy

I'm a sophomore at Endicott College. My major is business with a concentration in marketing. Also I'm minoring in communications.
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