Lately, it feels like life is just messing with me for ha-has; making pet peeves of mine drive me absolutely crazy.

As if life isn’t stressful enough as a college student imagine being put in a predicament where a teacher only assesses you by your test taking abilities. It’s not just any class that you can wing, but finance. Legit it’s a whole different language.

Now picture yourself trying to study for this crucial exam while neighbors next-door over are meowing like cats and blaring old-school Jesse McCartney.


Realizing I am about to pull my hair out, I move myself to the library thinking I’ll be more successful. Ha I was wrong… People chewing gum like cows and tapping their pencil like their Travis Barker. People drive me nuts!

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leaving dinner hungry

walking into your college cafeteria to find this as your best meal option.. what ever happened to pizza and fries? 

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